Gambling on a New Year

2019: Gambling on a New Year

As this new year gets underway, it’s good to look at plans made a year ago. What played out and what went bust? The future is a gamble and you have to take a risk one way or the other if you hope to win.

Poker Alice had faith in her own future and taking on new adventures:

“I did not stay long at my first job, and never stayed long at any, in fact; there were too many other games to buck, too many chances for a big winning, too many camps waiting to be invaded. The life of a gambler was a life of travel, the constant excitement of something new.”

What are your goals for this year? How many of them require taking a chance? How many are safe bets? You can’t have the thrill without risk, says our legendary lady gambler:

“It was the thrill of it, to buck the game and beat the game . . . The thrill, in case one may think that I am looking upon memories from afar, never leaves one.”

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